Inear Display


Sound Design Playground

  • 23 audio processors
  • 6 effect slots controlled by XY pads
  • Parameter sequences for each slot
  • Extensive randomization options


Founded by Thomas Hennebert in 2012, Inear Display focuses on helping musicians and sound designers explore new audio territories by offering unique sounding plugins with intuitive interfaces.

Our Values:

  • Simple workflows that yield complex results; we believe the best creative work happens when you are having fun in the process.
  • Inspire creativity by offering esoteric tools for artists who envision sound sculpting as an endless journey of spiritual enrichment.
  • Offer world-class customer service in the form of responsive, efficient and personalized sales and tech support.

Our algorithms have also powered the software catalog of our friends at Glitchmachines since 2013.

E.I. Thomas Hennebert

Lieu Dit Les Trois Monteaux

14210 Trois Monts


SIRET : 52810504200030