Inear Display

Creative audio plugins for macOS and Windows

Presets folder issues on macOS

With recent versions of macOS, you may encounter permission issues with the presets folder.

Depending on the plugin this can manifest in different ways:

You can use the following procedure to fix this issue:

  1. open your user library folder (hidden by default, see this page for instructions on how to access it)
  2. open the Audio/Presets directory inside the Library folder
  3. in Presets, create an Inear_Display directory (note the underscore) if it does not exist
  4. set the permissions of the Inear_Display directory you just created to read/write for everyone.
  5. If you had issues with an installer, run the installer again, and it should be able to populate the folder

For reference here is a screenshot of the directory structure:

library folder structure

If you need to create a folder for a specific plugin in the Inear_Display folder, it will usually be named the same as the plugin (please refer to the installation instructions in the plugin user guide where a different naming convention will be mentioned if there is one).

If this does not work, and you need further assistance, please get in touch by e-mail.