Theo from Conformance recently got his Akai MPC Live and put together a kit with percussion sounds generated by Ephemere.

He kindly offers this kit as a free download. You can also access the samples individually and load them in your hardware/software of choice.

Akai MPC Live

“With 128 sounds carefully trimmed and spanned across 8 banks, this MPC kit will give you just a taste of the possibilities of Ephemere: Blips, kicks, zaps, electronic percussions, metallic effects.. perfect for industrial tracks, dopplereffekt-like rhythms or even glitch-pop tunes. Whatever floats your boat. While showcasing the versatility of Ephemere, this MPC Live and MPC X kit won’t clutter your memory as it’s only 7 megabytes.”

Download the kit

More info about Ephemere…