I’m happy to share Amalgame, which is the incarnation of a plugin concept I have been willing to work on for quite some time now.

Amalgame screenshot

In a way it is a streamlined version of the regular “select effect -> add to track -> tweak -> automate” workflow with everything one click away and a focus on sound design. Of course it also implies a personal take on the effect selection (distortions!), and adds several benefits like polyrhythmic parameter sequencing and the ability to port a chain from one DAW to another. And needless to say, it includes flexible randomization options.

Amalgame is a conceptually simple plugin but its sonic possibilities are far from limited. Tweaking audio software leads to rewarding results but often with much overhead that gets in the way of the creative flow : this is no news but still something worth addressing. Hopefully Amalgame will bring part of the hardware fun and immediacy to your software experiments.

Amalgame is available now at the introductory price of 39€ (+VAT) - sale ends August 4 2017.

Get all the details about the plugin here.