Ephemere is now at version 1.3.

This update brings the following changes :

  • VST3 version, VST2.4 no longer available
  • All versions are 64bit only
  • macOS installer is notarized
  • Native support for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Factory sounds and kits are now bundled inside the plugin
  • Using new user presets folder to avoid cluttering with legacy factory presets (but the plugin can still load legacy presets)
  • New : quantized mode for the oscillators’ frequency (set as MIDI note and cents instead of raw frequency)


Do not update if you have active projects making use of the VST2 or 32 bit versions.

It is recommended that you make a backup of your current version before installing the new one (simply copy the VST or AU files from your plugin folders).

Important note about presets

Starting with this version, the factory presets (kits and sounds) are bundled inside the plugin to simplify the installation process on macOS. The user presets will be saved to a new folder (Ephemere_1_3) to avoid cluttering the presets list with duplicates. You can access this folder through an option in the configuration menu of the plugin.

The legacy presets will still be present in the Ephemere folder located next to the new folder. This version can still load the legacy presets, so if you have some custom kits and sounds, you can manually copy the files over to the new folder.

Please refer to the user guide for additional information.

Available formats for each platform :

  • macOS :
    • 64 bit universal binary (Intel/ARM) Audio Unit
    • 64 bit universal binary (Intel/ARM) VST3
  • Windows :
    • 64 bit VST3

Minimum system requirements :

  • Mac OS 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher

If you are a registered user, you should have received an email from Gumroad with the download information. In case you have not received this email, you can access the download link from your original purchase receipt or connect to your Gumroad account, if you have one, to access your software installers. Otherwise, you can get in touch directly via email.

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