I am excited to introduce my latest audio plugin, Interstice.

Interstice Screenshot

Interstice is a dual band delay plugin that aims to facilitate the creation of otherworldly echoes and resonances.

Designed with dense and psychedelic ambient sounds in mind, Interstice can turn a simple synthesizer note or a short sample into a cascade of esoteric tones, but it also shines as a resonator on top of more rhythmically complex signals.

Its apparent simplicity and straightforward workflow hides an extensive palette of creative possibilities, as demonstrated by the factory presets that include a bank specially crafted by acclaimed sound designer Ivo Ivanov.

You can purchase Interstice starting today at the introductory price of 15€ (+VAT where applicable - the regular price is 29€). The offer ends on November 20th, 2022.

Purchase information, complete feature list, audio demos and documentation are available on the product page.

Another delay?

I don't believe there is such a thing as too many delays… But if you should only pick one of the Inear Display delay plugins, here is a quick summary of their respective scope:

  • Choose Interstice if you are after lush ambient sounds and deep resonances.
  • Choose Antagone if you want to mutilate your audio beyond recognition.
  • Choose Incipit if you want to set up complex modulated delay chains.

Thank you for your continued support.