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Amalgame is a multi-effect plugin that aims to streamline the creation of complex signal processing chains. Offering an intuitive workflow with all the functions easily accessible and logically laid out, Amalgame makes mutating sounds beyond recognition a breeze.

Amalgame provides a library of 23 effects ranging from bread and butter filters and delays to more esoteric and glitchy processors, which are always accessible and ready to be dropped on 6 XY pads where their key parameters are mapped to each axis.

The X and Y parameters of each pad can be sequenced from within the plugin with independent rate and length for each sequence giving you the opportunity to create insanely complex modulations in a few clicks.

And for an instant creativity boost, a versatile randomizer lets you alter the parameters, sequences and effect selections of any slot, or even regenerate the whole processing chain at the press of a button.

Available as VST and Audio Unit for OS X and Windows (32 and 64 bit).

OS X 10.7 or higher

Windows 7 or higher

Version 1.0


Over 20 instances of Amalgame are used in this track to either shape sounds, create sequences or add some reverb and delay. The only other effects in use are an EQ, a compressor and a limiter.

  • 23 creative effects always at your fingertips.
  • Get sophisticated results by chaining simple building blocks.
  • Sequence parameters for complex modulations while staying in perfect sync with your DAW playhead.
  • Instant parameter tweaks using 6 XY pads.
  • Drag and drop workflow : easily swap and reorder effects.
  • Randomize various parameter sets of either a subset of the chain or all the slots at once.



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