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Brutal Distortion Unit

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Cruelle is a brutal distortion plugin designed to turn sounds into screaming feedback tones and glitch artifacts. Combining an analog style filter with audio rate modulation and an aggressive digital distortion module with adjustable shape and feedback, Cruelle allows you to quickly create wild patches thanks to its intuitive and clean user interface.

Available as VST and Audio Unit for OS X and Windows (32 and 64 bit).

OS X 10.7 or higher

Windows 7 or higher

Version 1.2


Various edits applied to a drum loop (heard dry at the very beginning) using slices from versions of the same loop with some Cruelle factory presets on top.

  • Combine the Filter Resonance and the Distortion Feedback to create merciless effects.
  • Modulate the Filter Cutoff at audio rate frequencies for even more cruelty.
  • Turn your sound into crackling glitches or white noise by cranking up the Drive and Feedback parameters while tweaking the Shape control.



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