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instrumentVersion 1.5

Glitch Percussion Synthesizer

Ephemere is a percussion synthesizer that includes twelve sound generation engines assigned to each note of an octave. The sounds are generated using FM synthesis and can be further sculpted using a multi mode filter and two simple yet flexible envelope generators.

Ephemere makes it easy to add variety to your rhythmic patterns by attaching a randomization setting to most of the synthesis parameters as well as a trigger probability per sound. By keeping the synthesis engine simple yet powerful and providing extensive randomization options, Ephemere is an invaluable tool to very quickly design custom synthetic percussion sounds.

49€ + VAT

Audio Demos

All the sounds in this track were generated by Ephemere. No other synthesizer or samples were used. Cruelle and Incipit are applied to individual tracks as well as some reverb. Equalization and compression are applied to the master bus.

Ephemere demo by Si Begg

Ephemere combined with Cruelle. Demo by Conformance



  • FM oscillator with two feedback modes
  • Multi-Mode Filter : Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch
  • AR Amplitude Envelope with adjustable Attack and Release curves
  • Looping Release Pitch Envelope with adjustable Release curve
  • Ability to modulate the Filter Cutoff using either the Amplitude or the Pitch Envelope
  • Built-In Distortion for each Sound
  • Optional MIDI Velocity Tracking
  • Optional Random Velocity Amount
  • Trigger Probability Control for each Sound
  • Optional Randomization Ranges for most of the Synthesis Parameters (generates a random value on each trigger)
  • Mixer View with Amplitude, Pan, Mute, Solo, and Preset Navigation controls for each Channel
  • Save and Load Individual Sound Presets
  • Over 180 Factory Sounds
  • Randomize each Sound Individually with Random Amount Control
  • Pick Random Sound Presets
  • Global Randomizers : Triggers, Controls, Presets
  • Copy/Paste Sounds
  • Clone a Sound to All Parts
  • Reset Randomization Ranges of one/all Sounds
  • Reset all Trigger Probabilities
  • Global Mute and Solo Reset Controls
  • Monophonic and Polyphonic modes
  • Multi-Out Capable : Assign Separate Audio Tracks to each Sound in your DAW
  • 12 Factory Kits
  • Signal Amplitude Visualization on each Mixer Channel
  • Clean Color Coded Interface
  • Resizable User Interface
  • Undo and Redo (experimental)
  • Define a custom startup patch
  • Cross-Platform presets
  • MIDI Learn