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Ultraviolent Distortion

v 2.0

Gorgon screenshot

Gorgon is a brutal distortion effect plugin, enriched with FM ring-modulation, comb filtering, sample rate reduction, and a morphable lowpass/highpass filter within the signal pathway. Most of the plugin parameters can be modulated through a signal follower, breathing dynamic movement into the patches. Additionally, the resulting audio can be further refined using the built-in equalizer.

Primarily designed to radically transform electronic drum beats, Gorgon excels at producing intense, circuit-bending-esque sounds, making it an ideal tool for audio destruction and experimentation.

Free upgrade for Gorgon version 1 users

If you had previously purchased Gorgon version 1, you can request a free upgrade to version 2.

To do so, please email with the following information :

Processing the upgrade requests may take a couple of days.

System Requirements



Audio Demos

Gorgon processing an electronic drum loop: