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v 1.5

Incipit screenshot

Incipit is a Delay audio plugin geared towards experimentation and sound design, but it can also be used as a more traditional delay effect, as most of the processing units can be excluded from the signal path to focus only the elements you need.

The essence of Incipit lies in its three-layer combination of pitch shifters and delays. These layers can be routed in either parallel or serial configurations, enhanced by a multimode filter on the main output. This foundational setup already offers a rich landscape for producing unique sounds. The plugin truly shines when you bring into play its four LFOs and three Macro modulators. These modulators can be intricately assigned to various effect parameters through a dynamic modulation matrix, allowing for intricate and creative sound manipulations.

Moreover, Incipit processes all modulations at an audio rate, enabling the effortless generation of complex tones.

For additional inspiration, Incipit is equipped with a comprehensive Randomizer module. This feature, complete with sub-groups and controllable randomization levels, offers endless possibilities for sound exploration.

And if you're looking to avoid the intricacies of sound design, Incipit has you covered with over 80 ready-to-use presets, ensuring you can enhance your audio effortlessly.

System Requirements



Audio Demos

A simple electronic drum beat. 4 Incipit factory presets are applied as insert effects. The variations have been resampled to harmonize the levels.

A simple synth melody with 3 instances of Incipit used as send effects. The send amounts are automated to crossfade between the 3 instances, adding harmonics and echoes to the synth sound.

A basic synth pad with Incipit as a send effect. At first the pad is played back without the effect, then the send amount is progressively increased and Incipit adds some resonance and overtones to the pad.