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instrumentVersion 1.0

Random Percussion Synthesizer

Bref, a compact synthesizer plugin, specializes in creating synthetic percussion sounds.

Utilizing a modified version of Ephemere's synthesis engine, Bref effortlessly produces a vast array of short, crisp metallic sounds.

The workflow of Bref is streamlined and intuitive:

- The plugin randomly generates a pair of sounds on startup.

- Trigger it with a MIDI note (the sound has a fixed pitch, making it easy to use the plugin inside drum racks for example).

- You can blend the sounds together using the MORPH knob (automating this knob can yield dynamic and interesting results).

- You can regenerate each sound individually by clicking on the A and B buttons.

- You can also regenerate the whole state of the plugin by clicking the dice button at the bottom.

- There is no preset system, but the state of the plugin is saved when you save a project in your host.

- The user interface can be resized by dragging the handle in the bottom right corner.

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Audio Demos

Multiple instances of Bref generate all the sounds in this demo.



  • 2 Percussion Synthesis Engines based on Ephemere
  • Crossfade Between the 2 Engines
  • Generate New Sounds by Randomization of Each Engine
  • Randomize Both Engines and the Morph Control at Once
  • Output Amplitude Control
  • Responds to MIDI velocity
  • 4 Voices of Polyphony
  • Oscilloscope
  • Resizable User Interface