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Drone Synthesizer

Lancinantes is a drone synthesizer plugin : having no amplitude control envelope its oscillators are freely running, generating a constant sound. Three special additive oscillators are layered, allowing the creation of chords that can be conformed to a melodic scale.

The oscillators are built around harmonic combinations where each partial has a random amplitude modulation applied to create perpetual subtle variations. New sets of harmonics can manually be regenerated at will.

A mixer section allows you to adjust individual oscillators levels as well as the amplitudes of a sub oscillator and a white noise generator. The mixer output then goes through a resonant filter, an overdrive, a delay, and a reverb to further shape the sound.

Most of the settings can be set to random values thanks to a versatile randomizer section.

The real fun starts when you automate the controls and run Lancinantes through your favorite effects...


39€ + VAT

Available as VST3 and Audio Unit for Mac OS and Windows (64 bit only).

  • Mac OS 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher

Two Lancinantes tracks with some extra effects on top : Inear Display Regressif, Oblivion Sound Lab OSL Chorus and Native Instruments Reaktor 6. Demo by Conformance

Lancinantes combined with Litote. Demo by Makunouchi Bento

Audio Demo by Atomic Shadow