Inear Display

Creative audio plugins for macOS and Windows

Antagone version 1.3

Changelog :

Re-Introducing Gorgon

The classic ultraviolent distortion audio plugin is back, resurrected with additional features and enhancements but maintaining its signature apocalyptic sound.

Now available for 39€ (+VAT).

Registered users of version 1 are entitled to a free upgrade.

Incipit version 1.5

Changelog :

This version stores presets in a new folder named Incipit_1_5. Presets from previous versions remain compatible and can be copied into this new folder. The old folder, named Incipit, is located adjacent to the new one.

Litote version 1.5

Changelog :

Introducing Bref

At the heart of Bref is a modified version of the Ephemere synthesis engine, fine-tuned to randomly generate two FM percussion sounds and blend them together.


Amalgame version 1.5

Changelog :

Ephemere version 1.5

Changelog :

Interstice version 1.1

Changelog :